Welcome to Essenza by Agar™ Webstore! From now, you shall be able to buy directly from us through this platform.

Essenza By Agar™

Essenza™ is a the first line of essential oils made exclusively of raw materials picked and processed on the African continent. The oils in the line are certified organic or in the process to be, and are processed by us (Frankincense, Sweet Myrrh) by our Kenyan partners (Tea Tree, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Lemongrass), our Rwandan partners (Eucalyptus) and imported from Madagascar (Ylang Ylang) and Italy (Peppermint – only temporary non-African oil).

Quality & Traceability

At Agar, we always took quality seriously: With Essenza™ the approach remained the same and Certificates of Analysis and MSDS are available to certify the quality of the oils against minimum parameters. Furthermore, the majority of our oils are certified organic or in the process to be, meaning thorough inspections have been carried out to ensure the traceability of the raw materials, the absence of any contamination and that processing is done in ways to ensure the oils are 100% natural.


Essenza™ is distributed amongst retailers, spas and other suppliers in Kenya and abroad. At Agar Limited we are wholesalers and sell the oils in bulk: our minimum order quantity is 10 bottles of 15 ml per order to help the smaller distributors and spas. However, we prefer to sell our oils by the litre for everyone’s convenience, which we distribute in bottles (branded or not) with accompanying info pages for each type.


We can distribute monthly volumes between 10 and 30 kgs of each oil given sufficient advance notice and export the line to our buyers outside of Kenya. We also have large volumes of Frankincense and Sweet Myrrh essential oils purely for bulk export.